Immortalists Magazine (IM) is a publication by leading philosophers, scientists, biohackers, artists, & activists focused on the most important, dangerous, & beautiful story of our time: Humanity's quest to end death & radically improve & enhance cognitive, emotional, & physical capabilities.

IM advocates for the abolition of all man-made injustices & crises by improving the human condition through biotechnological enhancements, longer lifespans, & multi-disciplinary education. 

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Dinorah Delfin

Founder & Chief Editor 

Dinorah is an activist, entrepreneur, & conceptual, multimedia artist passionate about the prospect of a technological singularity for self-enlightenment. Inspired by her lifelong interest in science, art, design, and the future of humanity, Dinorah established Immortalists Magazine, and its hosting platform The Immortalists Club, “to build an exclusive & diverse network of visionary thinkers that care about the future of humanity. Dinorah dabbed in chemistry in her native country Venezuela, later switching to Baruch College in New York City where she graduated Cum Laude in Entrepreneurship Management with a minor in English.