We are a multimedia publication & a content-sharing platform 

by writers, artists, activists, leading thinkers, & innovators passionate about

super-wellness, transhumanism, & mitigating existential risks.  

The Inspiration

Legendary Transhumanists & Longevitists like David Pearce, Aubrey de Grey, Natasha Vita-More, & Liz Parrish inspired the establishment of Immortalists Magazine & are regularly featured in our publications. 


David Pearce


Hedonistic Imperative

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Natasha Vita-More




Aubrey deGrey


SENS Foundation


Elizabeth Parrish



The Board

Our esteemed board of volunteer advisors & contributing writers are forward thinkers, artists, critics, entrepreneurs, & innovators in the fields of Wellness & Longevity, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Quantum Sciences, & Transhumanism.  

Thank you, Bill Faloon, Brent Nally, Chogwu Abdul, Chris Macon, Christian Meniw, David Pearce, Denisa Lepadatu, Gennady Stolyarov II, Ira Pastor, Jessica Lombard, Joe Bardin, Jose Cordeiro, Liz Parrish, Maitreya One, Natasha Vita-More, Newton Lee, Nikola Danaylov, Paul Spiegel, Roman V. Yampolskiy, Shifa Maryyam, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Tam Hunt, and Theofilos Chaldezos for your support and for inspiring us!

Please check IM Issue No. 8 (pg. 24) for our Editorial Board's individual profiles.

The Team

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Dinorah Delfin

Founder / Chief Editor / Creative Director 

A New York-based conceptual,

multimedia artist interested in ideas that move humanity forward, in particular, those centered around an individual’s journey towards self-transcendence. Inspired by humanity's conscious role in the trajectory of evolution, Dinorah established Immortalists Magazine, and its hosting platform The Immortalists Club, “to empower those who seek knowledge about how to live radically longer, healthier, and more purposeful lives.” Dinorah graduated Cum Laude from Baruch College in Entrepreneurship Management with an English Minor. 

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Nikita Dhulekar


A bilingual writer who lives in Sydney, Australia and works globally. A native of India, her motive is to make technology humane. Over the last 14 years, she has played different roles including information developer, content writer, and social media manager. She is passionate about reading, researching and writing about Artificial Intelligence, Posthumanism, and Transhumanism. She is an ardent follower of Francesca Ferrando and Virginia Dignum. Her pastime includes reading, writing and creating artwork. Her fiction works are inspired by the subtle nuances of society. Her writings live on Medium and artwork can be liked on Instagram.

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Andreas Mehelde

Social Media Coordinator

Andreas is a Danish transhumanist, marketer, and writer. He graduated International Business Bachelor (IBB) from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College in 2018 and has since put his business skills to a test. In early 2019, he began his first venture and has since worked with different personal brands, small firms, and various publications on various parts of the business. During this time, his biggest focus has been on business strategy, product development and learning about the latest in longevity and emerging technologies.