Dinorah Delfin is a multimedia artist native of Venezuela. After dabbling in engineering school, she moved to New York City and received an honorary bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship Management and a minor in Writing from Baruch College. While obtaining her degree, Dinorah worked as an artist’s assistant for seven years painting and creating three dimensional assemblages using serigraphy prints. After graduating, she got accepted at Columbia University to study art history but left shortly after to pursue fine arts. Dinorah became part of the New York City art scene obtaining her first solo exhibition at Elga Wimmer’s Gallery where she debuted her first series of digitally made photo-collages. Dinorah’s early passion for science and engineering has always driven her naturalistic, methodical, & research-based process which inspired her to focus on the evolution of consciousness & the human form, resulting in highly symbolic and provocative quasi-realist compositions, of deeply philosophical narratives of transcendence. 

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Artist's Statement

To me, there is nothing more fascinating and beautiful than the paradoxical nature of reality and the human condition. 


This awareness inspires humans to improve.


Whether it’s in the form of a digital image, a poem, an animation, or a magazine, my works are generally driven by a guiding question - How can we leverage the power of human ingenuity & creativity to become the best version of ourselves, as individuals and collectively so that we can lessen the suffering in the world and transition into a safer, more sustainable future? 


Why did this question led me to wonder about the role of digital technologies and hyperagency on our evolution?


Just like the process of creating a digital photocollage requires the layering of images, my narratives are built upon layers of of historical meaning, symbolism, a future outlook, and a sincere expression of hope. 


My works attempt to reveal humanity not just as the product of the forces of nature, but most importantly, as a product of the forces of our own creations.

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