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Why Immortalists Magazine?


We are a growing multimedia magazine focused on the ethics & practical applications of technologies designed for superlongevity & superhuman enhancement. 



Immortalists Magazine launched in January 2020. Our mission is to promote superlongevity, superintelligence & superhappiness to a global audience.

We seek to build a network of global partners & sponsors in the areas of superhuman enhancement & smart living and to become a world-leading publication in these areas.

Your partnership will place you at the forefront of an exciting transition in human history with cutting edge companies inspired by the sustainable improvement of the human race.

Pillars of the

Immortalists Movement

1 Philosophy

Inspired by four perennial questions:  Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? and Why?  


Based on the convergence of AI,  nanotech, biotech, robotics, neuroscience, and other emerging technologies to radically enhance the human species.

3 Culture

Informed by a growing awareness on the role of *hyperagency. 

*A state in which all aspects of agency, i.e. beliefs, desires, actions, etc. are subject to our conscious control.

Abstract Lines

Three Educational


 Multimedia Magazine 
by Leading Philosophers, Artists, 
& Innovators. 

6 Issues Per Year + Special Editions.

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 Exclusive Articles, Announcements.
& News Stories.

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IM covers a wide range of categories: 

1 Longevity &

Human Enhancement


Radical longevity; Rejuvenation; Cybernetics, Biotechnologies, Preventive & Precision Medicine; Neurohacking & Biohacking; Nootropics; Holistic Wellness; Quantum Healing; Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI’s); CRISPR; Stem Cells; Cryonics: and more.


2 Ethics & Philosophy

Bio & Futurist Ethics, Philosophy, Politics & Morphological Freedom. 


3 Emerging Markets

Wearables; Automation; Quantum Computing; Convergence Technologies; 3D Printing; Space Travel; Exponential Manufacturing; Future of Learning; Future of Health; Future of Work; Internet of Things.

4 Sustainability  

Sustainable Design; Sustainable Farming; Sociocyberneering; Solarpunk Culture; Holistic Living; Resource Based Economy; Future of Energy; Future of Food & Water.

5 AI & Cybersecurity


Artificial Intelligence; Brain Computer Interfaces; Augmented Reality;

Big Data; Nanotechnology; Oculi Rift.


6 Blockchain


Cryptocurrencies & NFT’s.


7 Existential Risks


Definitions and solutions.


8 Art & Leisure

Superfoods & Recipes for Longevity; Fashion; Space & Earth Travel; Design; Architecture, Smart Living; NFTs; Transhumanist / Posthumanist, / Metahumanist Art, Film, Fiction, & Culture.