Submission Guidelines


 We look for a wide range of writing styles & perspectives 

 that seek to make complex scientific & philosophical ideas 

 fun & engaging to a wide audience. 


 If you are interested in publishing articles, interviews, book reviews,   artworks, photography, music, or any media content with IM, please follow   the submission guidelines below: 

All Submission

> 1. For articles, submit your document in .docx, rtf, or .doc format. Font 12 pt, Times New Roman. Spacing 1.5. Content should be divided into paragraphs with H2 headings.


> 2. Edit and revise your article. Fix spelling

& grammatical errors with tools like Grammarly or Hemmingway. If there are typos, lack of structure, and wordy text, we will send your article back.

> 3. Add references where applicable & fact-check the content.

> 4. If your paper has been published elsewhere, please add the link to the original post at the top of the document.

> 5. Add attribution to the images. 

> 6. Blog articles & interviews are 800 words max.

> 7. Featured articles and interviews are 2,500 words max. Please include a short abstract in the body of the email. 

> 8. Include a picture of you and a short bio (around 50 words) with your submission.

> 9. Photographers, artists, illustrators, & designers,  include samples of your work with a short cover letter describing why your work fits our publication.

> 10. Email your submissions here with all your relevant details in the form of a standard .doc, .rtf or pdf attachment, links to websites, & high-res jpeg (high enough).

> 11. Include the reason for your email on the subject line (i.e. Article / Content Submission)

> 12. Send us a reminder of your submission, in case we miss it.

> 13. Please note, in some cases, we may decide not to publish your work after accepting it.

> 14. To submit an image for IM's Instagram page, tag @ImmortalistsMagazine on a post. (Please do keep our style in mind before tagging us.) All work will be credited if run.

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> 16. For sponsorship & partnership, email us here.  

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Thank you for your interest in collaborating with IM. 



Submission Guidelines
(by invitation only)


The upcoming ART ISSUE will be divided into 3 sections:


1. The Human Concept and the Posthuman Condition

A human, transhuman, posthuman, & metahuman perspective. 

2. Hyperagency 

Culture shock or liberation?   

3 . In Our Image We Create

Ethical implications of AI & AGI

(See images for additional general descriptions.)


Submission type: photography, digital art, videos, animation, interviews, poems, music, documentaries, fiction, NFTs, traditional art, essays, installations, or any media that can be digitized. 


We will display 5 - 10 images of your work in our magazine & website -- please include artwork's title, date, medium, dimensions, edition size if applicable, provenance (if any), a short bio & artist statement, & a link to your website or portfolio. You may include your direct contact if artworks are for sale.

Deadline August 31st, 2021

Please check submission guidelines for all formats here.