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Ageless Fasting by Andreas Melhede - Article

Updated: Apr 28, 2022


Do you see fasting as starvation?

Many people see it that way, but fortunately, it isn’t the same thing.

According to, fasting is defined as, the “Abstinence from food or drink or both for health, ritualistic, religious, or ethical purposes”.

Fasting has at least been practiced therapeutically since the 5th century BCE.

Maybe you know about the Greek physician Hippocrates. He had revolutionary ideas and was among the first who supported and recommended fasting. He along with other physicians believed that in some sick states, the fasted- was superior to the fed-state.

Back in time, even cavemen “fasted”, although it was more out of necessity than out of pure choice. Obviously, the food wasn’t plentiful back then. So, they sometimes hunted for days for their next meal.

The Fasting Options Are Plentiful

The fasting options are vast and there isn’t one “right” way to do it. Still, fasting is often a reduction in either meals or the avoidance of food for days. The most practiced type is intermittent fasting. This typically includes a fast between 14-18 hours per day. Hence, this often means skipping 1 meal/day.

Benefits Of Fasting

Speed Up Weight Loss by Fasting

Fasting is splendid for weight loss. This has for instance been shown in a 2015 study. During this study, the participants did alternate day fasting. [3] Alternate day fasting includes either a massive reduction in calories or no calories at all on 1 day. Then on day 2, you consume your normal number of calories.

Fasting May Slow Down Aging

Studies in mice show an increase in longevity. For instance, a study from the year 2000 showed how female mice who fasted 4 days in a row, every 2 weeks, lived longer than the control group. These mice lived about 33% longer, even though they were heavier than the control group.[4]

Many other studies have shown benefits in many health indicators. [5] This is highly encouraging, yet it doesn’t mean that it necessarily will do the same in humans.

Improve Your Body Composition with Fasting

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is important for muscle building and fat loss. Now, these outcomes are wanted by a vast majority of people. Fortunately, during fasting, the levels of HGH increase. [6] Thus, fasting seems beneficial for many individuals, all the way from a middle-aged mom to an elite athlete.

Fasting Helps Normalize Insulin Functioning