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Exclusive Interview w New Jersey Political Candidate and Transhumanist Jennifer Huse by Maitreya One

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Maitreya One - Tell us your background. Where are you from and how did you land in Camden, New Jersey?

Jennifer Huse - I was born in New Jersey, but fairly shortly afterwards my parents entered missionary work for their religion. So, we lived all over the country for this reason for years, and then finally wound up back in New Jersey, in Monmouth County. I had been looking into Camden to invest in real estate since 2012. I would come down occasionally and speak with realtors and was trying to map different properties out for some years before we made the move. We had already established buying homes for renovation, plus had another business, friends, and associates in Monmouth County, so deciding to move 1 1/2 hours away had a lot of factors. My husband was finally in a position to make such a huge move, and we made the decision not just to invest, but also to move down to Camden in early 2018.

MO - What made you want to run for mayor?

JH - I have always wanted change in our world, initially through my religious upbringing, then through my activism and advocacy over the years. And specifically, in the last decade of studying social system design and city and community planning, I have increasingly found more solutions and connections to persons who would be able to really assist in bringing about real change. A friend of mine and my husband, who has been in Camden over a decade, had heard both my husband and I speak so much about the change that needs to happen in our city, that he was the person who initially suggested I run. As advocates and activists, we are often trying to reach politicians to get them to work on changes in the areas they are elected to represent. I began to really think about it and research the feasibility of running here, and there is real potential for it to happen. So, I decided to run as an independent candidate for Mayor of Camden.

MO - Can you give us a little background about Camden New Jersey? What's the ethnic breakdown of the city? What's the average income of both men and women?

JH - Camden itself is the most economically disadvantaged city in New Jersey, and one of the most economically disadvantaged in the Nation. It has largely been ignored, extorted, and treated as a dumping ground. That being said, Camden has some of the most amazing people I have ever met and our city is one of the oldest established cities in the country. It has beautiful, strong, and resilient people and incredible architecture.

The most current census numbers give us these approximate numbers: Hispanic 51%, Black 41.4%, White 29%, Mixed 4.5%, Asian 2.4%, Native American 0.6%, Native Hawa