A Fun Contest, A New Team, and a Cool Guitar Background!

Updated: May 2

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featuring an exclusive guitar composition for IM by Andre Delfin)

Dear IM Reader,

Thank you for joining us again.

It is exciting to know our readers are enjoying our latest articles, and improvements to our voiceovers & website!

It is with profound pleasure, and gratitude, to continue to collaborate with so many fascinating people inspired by the pursuit of truth and sustainable progress.

It has been an exciting fascinating journey ever since coming across the world of transhuman and posthuman studies, in particular, through my own metamodernist and integral perspectives.

These are times that urgently call for not just radical ideas but also radical sense-making.

One of our readers recently thanked us for the work we are doing at Immortalists Magazine, and said, “we need to figure out a way, to make thinking popular again. We are too emotionally driven, to see what’s in front of us.”

We share your sentiment, and thank you for your support!

At Immortalists Magazine, we value and encourage our readers to use the process of learning and constructive debate, not to validate, but to challenge knowledge, with curiosity, compassion, humility, civility, and an open mind.

And speaking of us!

It is exciting to introduce Andreas Melhede, Nikita Dhulekar, and Joaquin Uhreña, who have joined Immortalists Magazine to assist our growing organization and community of activists, artists, thinkers, leaders, and innovators focused on sustainable and pragmatic solutions to move humanity forward.

Thank you, Andreas, Nikita, and Joaquin for joining IM and our editorial board on this journey to make complex scientific and philosophical conversations, fun, sexy, and accessible for free.

In order to continue publishing quality transhumanist content, accessible to anyone, we are now seeking our first 20 sponsors. Our team is ready!

It is our desire to continue publishing paradigm-shifting content that is also accessible in various media, for a wider range of preferences and needs, like blog articles like this one, also available in audio.

One of our international readers recently said to us, "our friend, who is blind, is now able to learn about transhumanism and life extension. Fabulous work! Thank you!"

My heart swells with excitement to read such comments. Thank you so much for sharing!

We hope you also enjoy our latest audio article, co-authored by transhumanist activist Carl Carlyle and me, titled “Immortality, Nature’s Will, and World Leaders: A Case For Civic Rights, Not Just Purpose".

In this dynamic written collaboration, Carl and I weaved recent international longevity news with philosophical ideas to create a fine example of newsworthy transhumanist reading.

Carl’s humor and personal insights from his experiences in the super longevity arena since the 1970s are priceless!

Writing our latest article, also inspired us to start a fun contest to promote our Immortality Movement.

We hope you join us on Immortalists Magazine's "Picket Sign and Slogan Contest" for a chance to be featured in our magazine. (The sign can be in any medium.)

A picket sign is a symbol that represents standing up for something one cares about.

Immortalists Magazine stands for:

1. The individual pursuit of longer, healthier lives,

2. The continuation of Earth Life, into the cosmos,

3. Human Ingenuity, because, if we can beat death, we can achieve anything! Including, a more harmonious existence.

Our Picket Sign contest is about inviting renewed sense of civic virtues, radical self-agency, and, guilt-free living.

People today, are delaying “Life Milestones” and for good reasons.

Older people are living longer and finding renewed aspirations, not different from the younger generations.

Women’s painfully short fertility window will no longer hold us back.

FOMO syndrome and the insensible fact that “life is too short” shall no longer lead to careless decisions.

IMMORTALITY NOW! we must shout!

A universe of possibilities is opening up.

Radical self-agency is not just a matter of virtue, but of survival, and civic rights.

What do you stand for?

Have you designed your picket sign yet?

Looking forward to your participation and continuous collaboration!


Dinorah Delfin is a New York-based conceptual, multi-media artist interested in ideas that move humanity forward, in particular, those centered around an individual’s journey towards self-transcendence. Inspired by humanity's conscious role in the trajectory of evolution, Dinorah established Immortalists Magazine, and its hosting platform TheImmortalistsClub,to empower those who seek knowledge about how to live radically longer, healthier, and more purposeful lives, in harmony with nature, and our creations.” Dinorah graduated Cum Laude from Baruch College in Entrepreneurship Management with an English Minor.

To submit articles, feedback, or corrections



Articles for consideration should be around 800 words for our blog, and 3,000 words for our magazine. Please include abstracts for magazine submissions.

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