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Biohacking Immortality with Celebrity Nutritionist Oz Garcia - Interview

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Immortalists Magazine is pleased to present, Oz Garcia, a biohacking pioneer

for healthy living & longevity.

IM - Tell us about your recent biohacking conference for Summit in Aspen?

Oz Garcia - Summit is a world wide organization catering to highly sophisticated individuals and thought leaders in the US and around the world. I was privileged to be one of the speakers at the Aspen Summit leading an ongoing series on fighting aging, age reversal, self optimization, neuro and biohacking, mindfulness and mental clarity. The experience was fully immersive. I led a multitude of different activities and approaches to eating, examples of biohacking as well as tools to improve meditation. Part of the full immersion was a range of activities including a cold plunge every morning before class in the Frying Pan River which was 40 degree fahrenheit. Students were invited to also do the opposite before dinner to participate in a heat lodge. Once in class, we did mindfulness meditation. Each day was different to demonstrate different types of health improving practices which were breathing exercises to teach people to relax, reduce anxiety, as well as increase focus and alertness. Both were the anchors to the content presented. The students left with ways to optimize day to day performance, current states of fitness, health, etc.

IM - Why do celebrities, Fortune 100 CEO's, and the super elite seek your advice for wellness & longevity?

OG - My clients are looking for the most relevant information that will amplify their performance at any level. Most people that contact me are well aware of my 40 years working in functional health and medicine. I've authored 4 books on the subject matter of personalized nutrition, tactics for life extension, dietary eating guidelines for children and exceptional care for women as they move through stages of their life. Given my early entry into the field of progressive health I've built an impeccable reputation leveraged by my 40 years of being a runner and marathoner and it gave me a direct vantage point in terms of what people needed to perform at their best. I focus on the ideal ways to reduce stress, improve immunity, and I was early in the testing methodology of comprehensive blood work and genetic testing before it gained popularity. My network includes elite doctors (from cardiologists, to endocrinologists, gynecologists, etc.) which provide our clients with a stable community and team to work with alongside me.

IM - What is your background?