Mantra Manifesto Existentialista: A Call For Unity & Conscious Evolution.

- Poem -

A Trans/Meta-Feminista Perspective.

Spontaneous Poem by Dinorah Delfin

August 18th, 2020

It could be said man is oppressed by nature, not by man.

There is always something to blame.


Nature is in this process with Us.

Learning itself.

Conquering limitations.

Finding better solutions.

Just like ourselves.

We have our backs.

From chaos to harmony.

Nature becomes the female body.

To bear children.

To strengthen the love cycle.

To engender Self-Awareness and Intuition.

For the life of monastery, of reason, of science, has been reserved for our husbands and fathers.

Polarity in the service of harmony.

So it seems.

There is imbalance.

Once again.

Nature tells us is part of the dance.

Reason is science.

Intuition is religion.

The Greatest gifts we’ve received.

Eternally grateful we shall be.

For both are necessary.

And both share the same heartbeat.

Heavenly Father - Wise and Protective.

Good daughters must now rebel.

A mere few years to procreate.

Where is the time to think and learn?

Forbidden unspoken pressures.

Not just for daughters, for our sons, and public sectors.

So nature keeps pushing.

We protest.

For longer lives, we advocate.

To better learn about each other.

We ought to learn about the self.

We keep pushing.

Nature keeps pushing.

One Consciousness.

Reminding Itself to be conscientious.

For We could destroy Us.

And not know.

Our egos just ... Is ...

One with nature.

Let’s invent better prayers:

Consciousness without humans.

Is not humans without consciousness.

The latter is potentially fixable.

The former doesn’t seem so.

As for consciousness without humans,

Could the matrix fall apart?

And there’s the Will of Us!

To become better.

To understand what could go wrong.

If we just love each other.

Forgive each other.

Accept each other.

Because we are each others’ Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons & Daughters.

Feeling what everyone feels.

We all know that motherly love.

All in One. One in All.

Isn’t the universe fractal after all?

We know everything there is to know.

It is built-in common sense.

Limit TV.

Limit social media.

Stop blaming.

Stop fighting.

Words of freedom shall make sense.

Free Minds is True Freedom.

Study history & great contemporary thinkers.

For Youtube can be on our side.

Expand your intellect, world views, and greater capacity for compassion.

Such Greatness to aspire for, is our axiom.

Don’t mind those judging one another.

Find instead your truths in others.

Cherish Your All.

Cherish your health.

The survival of the human species and nature depends on these simple steps.

Conscious evolution is truly up to me.




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