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Quantum Biology & Multidimensional Life by Sarah Ikerd - Essay

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Within this grand cosmic environment, we participate in a spiraling ladder of evolution, not unlike the DNA helix. And when world-shaking events occur, or big ideas come along, they affect our developmental tree of decisions and the choices we make as a species and as individuals. Then, we must grow and adapt within this magnificent web of intercausality.

One big set of ideas calling for more growth comes from an emergent ideology called “Quantum Biology,” which is an offshoot of Quantum Physics. Keep in mind that these are formal academic words for much larger, even philosophical concepts that expand our consciousness and awareness. Now it can be said that not everybody out there is on the same page of self-awareness. There are levels. But everyone has the opportunity should they choose to keep learning and exposing themselves to new ideas. Though it’s also said that under this vast umbrella, called the universe, there’s nothing entirely new, but everything is traced back to the same building blocks.

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Quantum Physics is the study of these building blocks, the unseen forces, and with Quantum Biology their interaction and entanglement with our cellular systems. Some define these quanta as packets of light energy, or photons, infinitesimal yet cosmically important movers and balancers of everyday operations, and the elementals of all matter. ¹ And having such importance, they have their own set of special behaviors, such as being able to teleport or translocate as you see in a science fiction movie. That science fiction is based on reality though. Have you ever noticed how the visions and fantasies, which capture our imaginations the most, come into being? There are lots of examples, and perhaps we have the quanta, to thank as helpers.

Whatever your feelings or beliefs about the immaterial, it’s clear that there is a grand design at play; from the neurons in your brain to the branches of a tree — a work of art. There are many names for the subatomic energies that help move these pieces and comprise the fabric of existence, such as the quark, proton, electron, and neutrino. These particles have been observed as having dual wave and particle function, among possibly other different behaviors. Sand is an excellent example of a dual function that’s within our visual spectrum. That’s because the sand can exist as grains, particles, or as a larger wave; the dune crests you can clearly see. There are even different types of sand grains, depending on what mineral it’s made of.

This is a suitable analogy for the many discovered “flavors” of quantum particles. As the ancient Emerald Tablet stated in a phrase that has again become popular today: “As above, so below.” The forms that we see on different levels of existence have counterparts or similar structures in other levels or dimensions. The grains of sand form the larger structure of the dune, and then the dune interacts with the environment as a wave, and so on. Then behind the scenes, on the fundamental level, you have those cheeky little subatomic particles.