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Reinventing I/M\MORTAL - Art Campaign

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

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Can humans ensure a successful transition from "I Am Mortal" to "We Are Immortals"?

Today, scientific and technological advances are poised to rapidly change the structure of the human mind and biology, inspiring people to take a closer look at our evolutionary origins, and desired destinies, based on the notion of the possible achievement of "Biological Immortality" or "Longevity Escape Velocity" (living long enough to reap the benefits of technologies designed to rejuvenate or indefinitely extend youthful lifespan).

The exciting prospect of evolving into a Multi-Planetary Immortal Species with God-like abilities is as tangible as the unfortunate prospect of a nuclear war, cosmic impact, or global population collapse that could lead humans to times reminiscent of the Dark Ages, or even human extinction.

To secure humanity's survival and perennial desire for immortality, humans must rapidly and safely merge with technologies in order to evolve into a wiser, healthier, and more resilient species. This transition is not only a gradual and collective effort, but also a highly controversial one that will require overcoming some of the greatest challenges ever faced by humans.

Education is key.

The more educated and open minded people are about these conversations, the greater our chance to influence beneficial policies for the creation of safer "transhumanist" technologies so that societies are better equipped to guarantee the long-term growth and equilibrium of human civilization.

Despite, however, the increased abundance & accessibility of information, there is also greater misinformation, decreased attention span, and increased technological fear.

It is therefore my greatest desire to inspire positive curiosity for scientific & technological innovation and for people to empower themselves with the knowledge to become active participants in the mindful designing and engineering of our ongoing evolution.

It is my hope that educational campaigns like this one will help usher in a safer transition into an immortal future, not just for humans but also for life as whole.

To Immortality!

Dinorah Delfin

IM Founder & Chief Editor



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