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Technohuman Immortality As Daily News by Carl Carlyle - Essay

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

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Imagine, what would be like if every day there were reports about life-extension in the news. Scientists working on rejuvenation and life-extension research would be interviewed regularly. Celebrities experimenting with anti-aging treatments and looking far younger than ever would become the center of fierce controversy, but also hope.

A famous actress, for example, is featured in a popular t.v. show after having downloaded her mind and personality into an immortal techno-body. The booming headline tells us: “She is now a cyber celebrity”. Excited, your average middle-class wife tells her hubby she’d like to dance around in a sexy techno-body. Laughing he’d say, “Sexy in a techno-body huh?” And then, immediately an avatar shows up onscreen looking just like his wife's healthy and sensuous younger self. The hubby jumps out of his chair shouting, “I want to be downloaded into my younger self also!” And right then, he shows up on the screen in a slim and muscular avatar, saying “Now, let’s dance forever!”

Kids all over the world would be wishing to evolve into cyber-astronauts to land on Mars and beyond to other worlds in the galaxies.

Average people, saturated with daily transhumanist news, would struggle with complex ethical and existential questions about whether or not they’d want to become transhuman.

Transhumanists all over the globe would be advocating for equal access to enhancing technologies and establishing educational and dating communities for like-minded cyborgs.

Such will be our life when transhumanist and immortalist news is being talked about all over the world.

No longer should conversations about life-extension be left to the elites or academia as it is today. This is the most important issue which concerns everyone!

Seven billion people in this world are still dealing with their mortal lives with no alternatives presented to them.

Those who are committed to furthering the transhumanist message should shout their beliefs daily in to news reporters.

Anti-aging news sets the stage for news about life-extension, and life-extension opens the door to technological immortality for cosmic expansion as our future goal.

The government has already laid down the groundwork for a vital ongoing mass-movement for those wanting to live forever.