Technohuman Immortality As Daily News by Carl Carlyle #0003

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Carl Carlyle, 1980. Photograph by Paddy Reynolds

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Editor's Note: This is the first of a series of news reports and editorials written by Carl Carlyle for Immortalists Magazine. - IM Bot

Imagine, if every day there were reports about life-extension in the news. Scientists working on an immortality serum will be interviewed weekly. Famous people taking anti-aging pills, and looking far younger than before, grab the public’s attention. A famous actress is shown to have downloaded her mind and personality into an immortal techno-body. The booming headline tells us: “She is now a cyber celebrity”. Excited, your average middle-class wife tells her hubby she’d like to dance around in a sexy techno-body. Laughing he’d say, “Sexy, in a techno-body?” And then, immediately the cyber actress shows up onscreen looking just like her sensuous former self but wired inside with the power of the greatest of all computers. The hubby jumps out of his chair shouting “Why can’t guys be downloaded into tough muscular cyber-immortal physiques?” And right then, a famous sports figure shows up on the same tv news program in a tough-looking techno-body saying “I’m a new techno-immortal, so from now on I’m gonna fight harder to win every game.” Kids all over the world will be wishing to evolve into cyber-astronauts landing on Mars and beyond to other worlds in the galaxy. The average person, saturated with daily transhumanist news, cannot help but question whether or not they’d want to be a transhumanist immortal. Born as mortals we would be questioning whether or not we’d want to continue our fragile mortal state when the alternative is right before us in the news.

Such will be our life when transhumanist-immortalist news is being talked about all over Earth. It must be the number one issue we humans are dealing with right now. No longer should infinite life-extension be hidden behind tall walls as it is today. Seven billion people in this world are still dealing with their mortal lives with no alternative presented to them. Those already committed to furthering the transhumanist message should shout their beliefs daily in to news reporters. Anti-aging news sets the stage for news about life-extension, and life-extension opens the door to technological immortality as our future goal. The government has already laid down the groundwork for a vital ongoing mass-movement for those wanting to live forever. How? To start with the US government long ago passed the Research on Aging Act of 1974 to fund aging research. They also funded the Human Genome Project to study the structure of our DNA making it possible to control aging and death. In short, anti-aging and life-extension are now guaranteed as our civil rights as citizens of a democracy. Ready to march?

Imagine reporters every night broadcasting news of civil rights marches with citizens demanding to have total control over the length of their life-spans. Young kids will see the marchers being interviewed and demanding life-span control guaranteed in the Bill of Rights as ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’. At work, every day the average person will ask a fellow worker, “Do you want to extend your life from human to transhuman?” There will be objections expressed due to our historic existence as mortals. But the ongoing discussion, arguments pro, and con will make it a daily issue for all of us to deal with, instead of having it hidden away in a dark corner as it is now. We live on a small planet circling a yellow dwarf star in an obscure solar system. But we are greater than we think we are. The human mind has the ability to conceive of our having control over how long we live as the cosmic merger of spiritualism and science. Let’s work to inject this into daily news reports for millions to decide the future evolution of the human species as our evolutionary transhuman destiny.

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About the Author

Carl Carlyle is an immortalist, futurist, musician, and a published writer. A graduate from UCLA in 1962 and later, while a student at Hastings Law College in San Francisco, he joined the Student League to Abolish Mortality and the National Institute of Health, becoming an avid advocate for the scientific control of aging, life-extension and biological immortality ever since. “In the daytime, I wore a suit and tie contacting politicians & business people to get funding for the new immortalist movement. At night, I formed a rock band called the Forever Maniacs and named myself ‘Johnny Forever singing rock songs about eternal youth and health. I also produced a musical in the 1990s called Boomers Rock Forever, a comedy about taboos and the emerging science of immortality. I recently published a sci-fi trilogy The Cosmic Mutant, now online, which tells the story of a love affair between Infinity and Eternity."



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