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The Rising Importance of Crypto in Aging Research - Interview

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

An interview with investor Marc P. Bernegger by Steve Hills

The cryptocurrency world is colliding with aging research and life extension and could change how research gets funded.

The cryptocurrency community is getting behind healthy life extension

The landscape of research funding and investment is changing, particularly with the influx of interest from the crypto community in the last year or two. A lot of people in this community are software engineers, coders, programmers, and other Silicon Valley types, and many of them have an interest in life extension.

The arrival of interest beyond the immediate life extension community is a most welcome development. In the last year or two, we have seen some significant donations from the crypto community.

Cryptocurrency celebrity Vitalik Buterin told us in a 2018 interview, “The Best Thing to Donate Money to Is the Fight Against Aging” and has been an active supporter of life extension for some time now. This year, he donated a significant amount to the Methuselah Foundation.

Most recently, SENS Research Foundation (SRF) announced that the PulseChain airdrop raised $20m for aging research at the foundation in just two days. This is an impressive feat when you consider that this sum is equal to roughly four times the usual annual revenue of the SRF.

Introducing investment expert Marc P. Bernegger

Marc P. Bernegger is an active member of the investment community and has been involved in bitcoin since 2012. He is a board member of the Crypto Finance Group, CfC St. Moritz, and Swiss Blockchain Federation.