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The Anti-Aging Petition & Transhumanism As A Mass Movement by Carl Carlyle - Essay

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

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In my teens and twenties, I was marching in various protests. When I became an immortalist, I carried that attitude with me. When I learned about the Research on Aging Act (ROAA) of 1974, I created the Anti-Aging Petition for two reasons.

One, it shares the idea that the government is backing anti-aging research for the average voter. The public needs to learn we are on track with anti-aging research as we speak. It’s a potential red-hot political issue.

Two, voters can call their Congresspeople to say they must give more funding to the ROAA to make it a reality in our lifetime. Most of the people I know are amazed that the government backs anti-aging! And it will create a large number of voters willing to vote for it.

Building a movement on anti-aging can lead to the next steps in scientific achievement for extending human life.

Evolution to a transhuman future can be achieved in three steps:

1. Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

Aging today, for most people, is a matter of concern. Feeling and looking good both have become extremely important. Health issues are deeply involved. Once people learn of anti-aging research, they will push for a cure. Living in a healthy body will gain more support after accessible healthy anti-aging becomes a reality.

2. Life-Extension

When I ask people if they would like to live for hundreds of years, the answer is usually, “Yes! but I don’t want to continue to get old for those years! People will support longevity in a youthful healthy body and if the means are accessible n safe.

3. Bio-Immortality

The third and final step when science helps us to become transhumans in our lifetime. At this stage, the cosmic evolutionary future of our species opens wide.

With the internet and social media communicating any message fast, in a day, millions could learn about anti-aging on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and sign the petition simultaneously. Eventually, each signed petition can be sent online to their local Congress member. This will create mass awareness will eventually turn to a world-wide political discussion.

Our main agenda is to raise awareness that aging is curable by addressing the source of degenerative diseases that plague our human species.

The baby boom population is aging the most. They were so proud to be young they cried out: ‘Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty’. Now they are buying useless anti-aging creams to smear all over their wrinkles. Young men and women thirty or up to fifty years of age could become part of a growing anti-aging voting bloc.

At present anti-aging and life extension will gather the largest majority of