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Why IM Supports Alcor?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor) is our partner, and we can't help but admire and support their crucial work!

Following are four reasons we are honored to be sponsored by Alcor and why we believe their invaluable work merits greater expansion:


"If God is dead, Transhumanism is alive."

- IM -


1. Alcor Is Built Upon a Community Of Truth-Seeking Leaders & Visionaries

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, Alcor is the world's leader in cryonics research and technologies thanks to the prominent thought leaders, cryonicists, longevitists, and transhumanists passionate about Alcor's mission and its life-promoting technologies & values.


"Moral excellence is built upon

life conservation values."

- IM -


2. Alcor Is A Model For Long-Term Vision

* Alcor’s mission is to save and extend lives with cryonics through:

1. Long-term safety of current and future patients in cryopreservation.

2. Cryopreservation of all current and future members as patients upon legal death.

3. Future restoration of good health and reintegration into society for all patients.

4. Advancement of cryonics technology through research and development.

5. Awareness and growth of cryonics by educating the public.



"Transhumanism reflects & terraforms cultures.

Transhumanism accelerates and prepares for evolution."

- IM -


3. Alcor Cares

To increase the chance of successful future reanimation, and reintegration into society, Alcor's care is scientific, compassionate, and pragmatic:

*Death is a process. It takes time to die. Death used to be when a person's heart stopped. Death is only permanent when the structure encoding memory and personality (necessary for consciousness) have become so disrupted that it becomes theoretically impossible to recover the person. This is called "information-theoretic death". Any other definition of death is arbitrary and subject to revision. Cryonics is currently the best-known method for pausing the dying process in a way that allows for potentially restoring good health with medical technology in the future."


4. Alcor Encourages Research & Participation

Alcor has launched the Independent Cryonics Educator (ICE) Program. The ICE Program provides compensation to Alcor members and anyone interested in educating the public about cryonics and becoming members. ICE also provides discounts to referred new members.

Alcor's *Membership Benefits include:

- Locked in age-based dues to save money over the long term

- Ability to cryopreserve your pet without a personal cryopreservation agreement

- Discounts on conferences

- Subscription to Cryonics magazine and newsletter

Apply for Alcor's membership here.

*Becoming a member doesn't sign you up for cryopreservation (that requires funding) but directly supports research in the field.

We hope you find this information useful. Do you agree with Alcor's definition of death? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Dinorah Delfin

IM Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Click here to attend Alcor's 50th Anniversary conference at Scottsdale, Arizona, on June 3-5, 2022.


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