Our Readers

>> Desire to live life to its fullest. 

>> Value optimal physical & mental health. 

>> See education & the pursuit of wisdom as a holistic journey.

>> Believe any dream can be achieved, even conquering death. 

>> Are passionate about making a positive impact in the universe, not just in the world.

Why is IM unique?

> Nothing Like It

We are the first & only lifestyle multimedia publication & educational initiative focused on radical longevity, emerging technologies, & mitigating existential risks.

> Forward Outlook 

The preventive & regenerative wellness space is predicted to grow within the next few years to a multi-trillion dollar industryto provide more benefits to humanity than any other industry in history.

> Relevance

We publish cutting edge ideas & important historical events.


> A Global Movement

We're a growing global community advocating for the use of transhumanist technologies & holistic wellness practices to restore or radically increase human intelligence, physical capabilities, & overall health, lifespan, & well-being.

Pillars of the

Immortalists Movement

1 Philosophy

Inspired by four perennial questions:  Who are we, Where do we come from, Where are we going, and Why?  


Based on scientific developments & unprecedented convergence of AI,  nanotech, biotech, robotics, neuroscience, and other emerging technologies that will radically transform being human.

3 Culture

Informed by a growing awareness on the role of *hyperagency. 

*A state in which all aspects of agency, i.e. beliefs, desires, actions, etc. are subject to our conscious control.

why im

Three Educational Platforms 

 A Digital Magazine 
 by Leading Transhumanist, Posthumanist, 
& Metahumanist Thinkers, Artists, & Innovators. 

  Podcast/Video Channel 
 for Live Interviews, Workshops, 
 & Documentaries. 

 Exclusive Articles, Interviews, 
  & Announcements 
 with Voiceover Features. 


IM covers a wide range of categories & topics that involve Transhumanism, including, but not limited to the following: 

1 Superlongevity &

Human Enhancement


Radical longevity; Rejuvenation; Preventive & Precision Medicine; Neurohacking & Biohacking; Nootropics; Holistic Wellness; Quantum Healing; Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI’s); CRISPR; Stem Cells; Cryonics: and more.


2 Ethics & Philosophy

Transhumanist, Posthumanist, & Metahumanist Ethics, Philosophy, & Activism. 


3 Tech, Science & Markets

Wearables; Automation; Quantum Computing; Convergence Technologies; 3D Printing; Space Travel; Exponential Manufacturing; Future of Learning; Future of Health; Future of Work; Gadgets; Innovation; Internet of Things.

4 Sustainability  

Sustainable Design; Sustainable Farming; Sociocyberneering; Solarpunk Culture; Holistic Living; Resource Based Economy; Future of Energy; Future of Food & Water.

5 AI & Cybersecurity


Artificial Intelligence; BCI Safety; Quantum

Computing; Augmented Reality; Big Data; 

Nanotechnology; Oculi Rift.


6 Blockchain


Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, NFT’s.


7 Existential Risks


Definitions and solutions.


8 Art & Film


Transhumanist, Posthumanist, Metahumanist, & Futurist Art, Film, Fiction, Culture & NFTs.


9 Travel & Lifestyle 


Superfoods and Recipes for Longevity; Smart Cuisine

& Fashion; Space & Earth Travel; Design; Architecture, & Lifestyle.