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The Evolving Meaning Of Life & Death


Nature Mutates. Life Evolves.


Test-tube babies and heart transplants were originally considered great moral dilemmas and even "technological aberrations". Today, technologies such as genetic engineering, artificial wombs, cryopreservation, and life-extension therapies are in a similar adaptation stage, until, hopefully sooner than later, these life sciences become normalized.

Thanks to a new generation of future-conscious thinkers, scientists, activists, and investors, societies are establishing the social, political, economic, educational, and healthcare infrastructures to assess and prepare for the unprecedented opportunities, and challenges, presented by the convergence of AI, nanotech, biotech, genetic engineering, robotics, and other emerging technologies transforming the human brain, body, and the living world.


Value Conviction. Challenge Convention.


Would we treat humans and the environment better if life wasn't "too short"?

Could the pursuit of complete wellness and radically longer lifespans become humanity's key economic incentive to transcend its self-destructive, zero-sum mindset?

What values do we preserve, upgrade, & prioritize as we transition into an era of bio-digital convergence and self-directed evolution?

What cognitive & cultural blindspots do we look out for to ensure our hybrid, biodigital transition is a safe and fulfilling one?

I invite you to meet the contemporary voices discussing the ethical and practical implications of technologies pushing the limitations of life, death, and what it means to be human in Immortalists Magazine's recently published Issue No. 11 - The Cryonics Issue.